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Wenling Juli Gear Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 382, Zhongyang new village, Xinhe Town, Wenling City, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, China

Phone: 15868688809



Juli is specialized in producing all kinds of high-precision transmission gears. It has strong technical force, advanced production equipment, perfect detection means and strict quality management. It can design and manufacture products with special specifications according to different customer requirements, and is committed to providing customers with a complete set of transmission design solutions.

Fast Proofing

Independent proofing line, engineers follow the whole process to ensure sample quality and delivery time.

Drawing Review

The professional engineer shall review and evaluate the drawings, and check the omissions and make up the deficiencies.

Precision Control

The dimension is strictly controlled within the drawing tolerance range, and the precision of batch products is up to level 5.

Quality Control Test

It can comprehensively test dozens of items such as gear processing hardness, tooth shape and spiral angle.

Scale Guarantee

It has strong production strength, nearly 50 gear production and processing equipment, and the delivery date is guaranteed.

Industry Selection

Many industry equipment well-known enterprises have long-term cooperation, and large manufacturers are more assured of high quality.

The company adheres to the concept of "no best, only better, quality-oriented, service first". To provide customers with high-efficiency products, meet customer needs, and provide instant services. Various products have reliable performance and long service life, and are deeply trusted by users in the industrial machinery industry. When you choose us, you will have these guarantees!

Warranty Period

All products shall be provided with 3-month warranty service according to international practice. During the warranty period, due to product quality problems, the products shall be returned and replaced for free.

Date Of Delivery

The system controls the production process to ensure the delivery cycle. The customer's requirements shall prevail. In case of special circumstances, we will communicate and negotiate with the customer in advance.

Quality Commitment

Before shipment, all products shall be checked by the quality inspection department for size and specification and full performance to ensure that the production and processing quality of the products meet the standards.

After Sales Improvement

For the products purchased in our company, if you encounter problems in use, you can contact our customer service to provide you with effective solutions according to your problems! According to customer needs, provide on-site guidance and installation services.